Inspiring Stressed-Out Caregivers to Speak Up and Seek Help

SPEAKING - Featured Keynote Presentation

When a serious medical condition strikes, all hands come on deck to save the patient. Often, little attention is paid to the family caregiver whose world also turns upside down, and life can become chaotic, depressing, and lonely.

Documentary filmmaker Sandra Levine motivates overwhelmed caregivers to advocate for their loved ones and themselves, as she shares astonishing stories from her own harrowing experiences caring for her husband after a brain injury, and her mother struggling with Alzheimer’s. Michael, who nearly died from a rare neurological illness - Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis (ADEM) - has since made a remarkable recovery, A poignant, short film Sandra produced entitled "Michael's Story" may be shown during the presentation, which keeps audience members riveted and engaged.

Caregivers learn practical solutions to boost self-care, and begin bringing peace, joy, and passion back into their lives. They’re empowered by reflecting on their own amazing resilience, gaining confidence and renewed purpose—the surprise, silver lining of caregiving.

Sandra’s presentation will inspire audience members to:

  • Strengthen their advocacy for their loved ones and themselves
  • Identify resources to boost their community of caring
  • Choose specific activities to reignite self-care
  • Reduce shame over negative feelings like guilt and anger, to begin the process of emotional healing
  • Become emboldened by their own resilience in overcoming adversity
  • Find new value and meaning in their role as a caregiver

This program is suitable for groups interested in overcoming adversity, caregiving, compassion fatigue in health care professionals, brain injury, Alzheimer's disease, and women's empowerment.

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