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Sense of Lack During Pandemic
May Shape Our Habits for Life

For years, my husband, Michael, and I have set our dining room table with cloth napkins, not paper, to create a tiny bit less garbage. We throw vegetable scraps on the compost pile. We recycle as much as possible. We try hard not to waste. (More...)

Use Technology to Connect with Loved Ones
in Long-term Care During COVID-19

My mother, Dorothy, lives in an assisted living facility not far from my home. She’s struggling with dementia that worsens month by month, and I visit her often. We also have a beloved aide, Barbara, who takes her on outings several times a week. (More....)


Celebrating Mom's 90th Birthday
Through a Window

My mother, Dorothy, always made birthdays special for me and my siblings. When we were young, she organized parties where we played Pin the Tail on the Donkey, and opened lots of presents. As we grew older, she invited family to our house and cooked a delicious meal of our choosing; we were even asked to pick a favorite dessert that my mom then baked from scratch. (More...)